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Join the Energy Patriots!

100 American Heating Oil Distributors Locator100 Americcan Fuel Fuel stations locatorbuying american fuels info graphic link Our nation's energy policy stands at a crossroad. On one side there is the crippling dependence on foreign oil. On the other side an alternative exists, one where energy freedom wins the day. We choose the second path. We envision a world where all of our fuel is from American soil, where future generations do not bend to the will of corrupt regimes.

Our country spent over $475 billion on foreign oil last year. That's American money and jobs flowing out of our country and into the pockets of unstable nations. Even worse, we continue to send our loved ones to risk their lives in order to protect the oil supply.

It is time for a new declaration - a declaration of energy independence. Join us by signing the Declaration of American Energy Independence.

Our commitment is for every penny of our fuel dollars to benefit the American economy, American jobs and to increase our energy security, and energy independence by reducing our foreign oil imports.  Last year, AMERIgreen's network of 100% American Fuel distributors displaced 26 million gallons of foreign oil!

For our people, our country and our energy  independence, it's simply the right thing to do.

What does 100% American Fuel really mean? Audit Process or Founders Story.

We encourage you to join the cause too! Find out how by clicking the options below:

  Free Home Heat for a Year  The American Energy Revolution 



Industry leading companies working toward American energy independence.

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