3 Distributor Marketing Case Studies on Targeted Customer Campaigns

We have the honor assisting with the marketing programs of a variety of companies. We’ve highlighted a few distributor case studies specifically focused on targeted campaigns.

Woolley Home Solutions – Target Customers Case Study

AMG-targeted-campaign-samples-1We created two versions of a postcard with specific messages to the targeted recipients – one for prospective customers; and one for lost customers. Both included coupons to entice either new customers to come on board or lost customers to come back. We also shared their total capabilities since many customers don’t know all the products and services the company provides (a common problem).
The postcards contained very clear calls to actions with specific coupons to take $50 off your first heating oil delivery; and then $50 off for the 2 subsequent deliveries to try to build more consistent, loyal customers. The other coupon was for $100 off a new water heater. In case customers didn’t have oilheat or didn’t know the company provided service, this was a way to solicit additional business for the service side. Having these 2 coupons enabled us to track how customers were coming on board. Because these postcards were the only places these coupons were being offered, special promo codes or phone numbers weren’t needed.

The distributor sent one of the postcard versions to a list of lost customers.  The second version was sent to any leads they received off their website lead forms. These were personally hand addressed and sent to these prospective customers. Soon after distributing the postcards they had signed up their first new customer looking to take advantage of their $50 off heating oil coupon. They continue to draw in more new and lost customers through these deliberate efforts.


 Independence Propane – Multi-Channel Targeted Customer Case Study

AMG-targeted-campaign-samples-2A large regional propane company bought out a small, local propane competitor in Independence Propane’s market. Independence Propane recognized there would be discontented consumers as a result of the sale. Also known as – OPPORTUNITY knocking!

They knew a majority of their business has come from people in the 35-55 age range. We considered the most cost-effective way to reach this audience and focused on a summer propane campaign which included direct mail postcards, website ads, social media, along with print & online ads in their key targeted geographic area.

While the response wasn’t immediate in the summer, the groundwork was laid and the seeds were planted. When fall and cooler weather arrived they were overrun with interest from customers who were searching for a local company that was responsive, friendly and treated them fairly. The branding work they had done yielded great results by bringing in new customers to their base.

“With the plan we were able to increase our visibility. So when people were looking for a local provider we became the obvious choice. We’re very pleased with the results”.

– Mark Delehanty, Owner of Independence Propane


Self HC – Targeted Budget and Service Plan Campaign

AMG-targeted-campaign-samples-3We worked with Self Heating & Cooling to target existing auto delivery heating oil or propane customers who were not on their budget plan or service plan.

We developed postcards and email blasts to send to these targeted lists. The materials included a strong pre-winter call to action to encourage existing customers to join the budget and/or service plans.

They experienced high open rates and strong click-thru rates from their email blast because these are targeted and personalized outreach. They also had a modest number of customers become “stickier” as more engrained budget and/or service plan customers.



We loved working with these wonderful companies on their successful campaigns. See more of our marketing case studies in our Education Center: http://www.amerigreen.com/education-article/marketing-case-studies/.

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