4 Traditional Marketing Tactics That are Still Relevant in 2017

Every business desires to grow and develop a healthy client base. Advertising or marketing such business is key to achieving a desired growth.

Many things that helped earn attention and trust years ago are not as effective anymore. As business perspectives evolve, so should the way we connect with prospective customers and drive desired demand for our products and services. Irrespective of this, marketing tactics or ideas from the past should not be tossed out.

Here are four traditional marketing tactics that are still relevant today as they were years ago and will probably never go out of style.

1. Business cards

Business cards have not lost their relevance and in fact are still very much in vogue. Business cards are very vital especially when our memory fail us at very crucial situations when we really need to remember someone’s name we met at an event some days ago.

Have you ever met someone, probably spent most of the conversation carefully selecting your words so that you don’t sound stupid, then promptly forget their name when the conversation is all over?

When meeting someone new, handing them your business card, preferably with your picture on it helps keep your business in the back of their minds. Although they may not need your product or services today, but a time will come when they will do, by then they would be able to pull out your business card and probably put a call through. Business cards are cheap, and easy to give away, so there’s no reason not to have one.

2. Radio

Like many traditional formats, the radio still find its place in the modern media landscape. It is an intimate form of advertising where listeners develop strong relationships with their favourite stations, identifying and bonding with on-air personalities. Your advert therefore, reaches the gender, age and economic status you target.

Radio stations offer a variety of promotional activities that support your advertisement and becomes a partner in your success. One of the things that still make radio relevant for marketing in 21st century is the fact that it could complement other modern marketing tactics. For instance, an online campaign could be complemented with announcement on radio shows.

Radio allows you to give away promotional items with your name and logo, be live on-air and even hold broadcasts from your place of work. The accuracy and swiftness of results obtained via direct resp

3. Public Relation

Public Relation and marketing have inseparable links. PR strategy such as raising awareness, seeding stories and establishing contents take time to build. However, without traditional PR capabilities, interacting with bloggers, journalists and influences considered as a social media marketing tactic would be more difficult.

A perfect example of this is that of Rosa’s fresh pizza, a small pizza shop in Philadelphia. They boosted their brand awareness and also increased their social media following and all through good old fashioned publicity! They managed to get local news coverage by allowing customers to purchase pizza slices for people who couldn’t afford it themselves and this evolved into national coverage which as well resulted in the owner of the pizza shop appearing on Ellen talk show whose viewing figures were approximately 4.4 million. This overwhelming success depicts the relevance of Public Relation.

4. TV Advert

For the past several years, it has become popular opinion that TV advertising, like a lot of other traditional forms of advertising, are on their way to being extinct. But this is so not true. TV still provides audiences and advertisers with massive reach and familiarity as a trusted source of information, news, and entertainment.

TV is still a powerful driver to consumers when introducing a new brand or product to the market. Since most viewers have their laptops and/or mobile devices nearby them while watching TV, they are more than likely to do a search on either the commercial they saw to check whether the product is relevant to them. TV still plays an important role in attracting clients and we are still very much in the television age. It a very effective way to advertise and it doesn’t seem like it’s going into extinction anytime soon.

The next time you are developing your marketing strategies try to consider traditional tactics as well. What are the other traditional marketing tactics that are still relevant? Share your thoughts in the comment below.


Article originally published 8/31/17 by Vicky Law, Huffington Post. 

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