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By abauman on 8/28/2014 9:47 AM

September has snuck up on us yet again! With that comes a "yet to do" list for every energy and service marketer before the heating season hits.

This "Marketing Checklist" presents reminders for preparing your company's marketing materials for the upcoming heating season.

By abauman on 8/25/2014 10:46 AM

Winter may seem like a lifetime away, but the truth is that it's rapidly approaching! Are you as a propane distributor doing what you need to prepare for the winter season? Here's an update on how to stay on track.

By abauman on 8/18/2014 10:00 AM

AMERIgreen employees are doing their part to displace foreign oil and live a more sustainable lifestyle. A glance at our parking lot reveals multiple alternative fuel vehicles. 

By abauman on 8/11/2014 1:37 PM

Many propane distributors have been asking us how choosing a Call or Put Option will add flexibility to their pricing.There are many ways that flexibility is added to a distributor's arsenal through hedging strategies. 


By abauman on 7/29/2014 9:07 AM

Businesses who are seeking to minimize their impact on the evironment now have the opportunity to partner with AMERIgreen to take care of their electricity needs! AMERIgreen is excited to introduce the new "Go Renewable" Rewards Program. The program helps your business to grow, without negatively impacting on the environment 

By abauman on 7/21/2014 9:17 AM

Are you a Met-Ed customer feeling the heat this summer with huge electricity bills? If so, make the switch to AMERIgreen Electricity today!

By abauman on 7/14/2014 1:50 PM

We have seen a series of heat waves arrive in Central PA this summer. Unfortunately, this often means that our wallets bear the burden of increased electricity usage. If you are a Met-Ed customer, you most likely noticed this more than others, when the Price To Compare electricity rates went up 25% on June 1st. Make the easy switch to AMERIgreen Electricity and start saving money today!


By abauman on 7/14/2014 1:25 PM

Cap programs can provide stability and peace-of-mind with locked-in rates, especially during those harsh winter months. However, many distributors are left wondering which type of Option is best for them. 

By abauman on 7/8/2014 8:07 AM
 Building A Solid Customer-based Business Is the Core Message at the Big Apple Event Flushing, New York – June 26, 2014 -- AMERIgreen Energy hosted a “Spring Training” event for area retail distributors at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. The event was an exchange of ideas, research, and best practices with sessions, panels, and seminars among industry professionals. AMERIgreen President, Steve McCracken, opened the meeting by thanking the attendees for their involvement in Bioheat, and explaining how AMERIgreen seeks to help the Bioheat industry and all of its distributors, “Our goal as a company is to help you become more efficient; your success is our success.” 


The event was designed to draw attention to the importance of Bioheat, and the crucial role it will play in America’s quest for energy freedom and sustaining a market share for fuel distributors....
By abauman on 7/2/2014 10:41 AM

This is a video from Viking M. Services' renewable energy blog. He performs two experiments to show just how clean and safe biodiesel is to have around your home!

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