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AMERIgreen Bioheat

AMERIgreen is a wholesale supplier of biodiesel to retail fuel dealers and commercial entities operating in the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets. Our industry experts can help you grow your business with biodiesel. Our success is dependent upon the success of our distributor customers.

Note: As a wholesaler we only deliver volume increments of  contracts and truck loads or more, for smaller increments find an AMERIgreen distributor near you.

About Biodiesel

  • Biodiesel is domestically produced, clean-burning, renewable substitute for petroleum diesel
  • Biodiesel is produced from a wide range of vegetable oils and animal fats
  • Using biodiesel increases energy security by reducing the need to import foreign oil
  • Benefits the U.S. economy with job creation and keeping energy dollars at home
  • Improves equipment performance
  • Using biodiesel improves public health and the environment

Biodiesel Experts

assoc-bq9000Born out of the retail fuel industry, AMERIgreen is a team of industry energy experts working for you. Our first-hand experience earned in the retail business will help your company transition to biodiesel and grow.

AMERIgreen Energy is a BQ-9000 Certified Biodiesel Marketer for fuel quality accreditation. This seal assures you are getting a consistent, tested, quality product.


Operational Advantages

  • Multiple supply sources
  • Flexible transportation options – rail, barge transport truck
  • RINs support
  • Diverse product stock and blend types



Marketing Advantage


Everything we do is aimed at helping you succeed.


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