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Bioheat is the fuel of the future, ready today.
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Prepare to Market and Sell Bioheat
Slide2“What’s your price?” Every distributor knows that’s one of the first things consumers are asking. Why are we as an industry, in danger of taking the path that is a race to the bottom? A quick look in the rear view mirror shows the incredible, unmatched level of service and responsiveness the oil heat industry’s full service distributors have provided the their customers.

Compare our industry’s record of being a trusted, integral, vested partner in the communities we serve with any of today’s cold, impersonal, distant utilities and we are left scratching our heads as to why are customers are leaving.

The landscape is changing. Legislative changes, changes in the electricity and gas utilities and consumer perspectives on top of a long, slow recovery from a deep recession are all forces that are effecting our business. We need to be able to change, to meet those forces with a viable alternative. Bioheat is that alternative. It is a fuel that is ready now.Slide6

Bioheat is marketable to all consumers with outstanding efficiency, environmental and patriotic benefits.

Distribution infrastructure is already in place. No modifications are necessary to consumer’s equipment. It actually reduces maintenance requirements. And it is marketable to all consumers with outstanding efficiency, environmental and patriotic benefits.

A plan for success starts at home, in your company, with education and training. Employee training is key, and can be the catalyst for improved organizational team building. Education Slide18and awareness of the consumer follows, where you will be viewed as an industry leader, setting you apart from other energy providers. Educated consumers have every reason to stay with bioheat with all its benefits. It is the fuel of the future that is ready today; the fuel for today’s kids who are tomorrow’s consumers.

This article is based on a presentation by AMERIgreen Energy New England Sales Rep, Mike Deveine’s seminar presentation entitled ” Preparing to Market and Sell Bioheat”. The presentation slides can be viewed at:

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