BioLubricants Salesman tells TALL snowy tale

Saavy biolubricants Salesman and road travel extraordinaire, Mark McGaha transverses the East Coast each week. In his many travels he quickly accumulates stories to share, often tall tales. This tale he brought back to us was about his snowy travels on the western side of Pennsylvania a few weeks back, and thought we’d share it with you. Never know… it might resonate with you!

The fearless Mark McGaha does not shy away from Mother Nature. Upon planning his trips for one week, he heard of a massive snow storm coming to this part of the country forecasted to arrive at the end of the week, and thought that would be the most opportune time to head to western PA, into the storm. After all, it’s not like they predict storms correctly around here anyway. For instance, this week, there was to be inches of snow and ice – all we received were rain showers on top of rain showers, so pinpoint accuracy isn’t commonplace! Anyway, back to our fearless traveler…so he piled what he could in his truck (tank filled with AMERIgreen biodiesel and trunk filled with AMERIgreen motor oils, of course!) and began his journey. I must mention his car was a bit chilled after sitting overnight with a constant pelting of snow and freezing rain (which had stopped by morning), but was prepared for the journey none-the-less.
Mark was sailing along fine on the highways and byways until the second hour (of what he thought would only be a five hour trip) when he encountered freezing rain. As he pulled his windshield wiper fluid handle he was alarmed to find NOTHING coming out to help clean the windshield! As fellow road transversers, I’m sure you can understand the painful inconvenience this can be when barreling down the highway. After a few more fruitless attempts at releasing the windshield fluid, Mark admittedly defeated, decided it best to pull over. He opened his hood – “windshield wiper fluid, full – hmm…puzzling.” He adjusted the hoses, checked the lines, all seemed clear. “Ah HA…they are frozen shut! Uh o! Well, nothing an ice scraper can’t help fix, right?”
Mark, in all his wisdom, decided to blast his defroster at full tilt and continue on his trek. He stopped occasionally to clean off his windshield with his ice scraper, especially when he could no longer see out of the tiny opening among the ice blocks on his windshield. This was a fairly effective method…for a little while, but not nearly adequate when hours left in the journey lay ahead of him. Not to mention, while everyone else went on their merry way in this ideamansnowy trek they sprayed snow on his windshield flaunting their effectively working windshield wiper fluid.
At the point of feeling slightly defeated, an imaginative light bulb went off in Mark’s ol’ noggin…”they can’t spray snow on my windshield if they are not in front of me!” Mark made it to his final destination by doing his best to stay in front of all those ornery spraying vehicles. Tired, but jubilant he arrived at his final destination for a night’s rest. The next morning the sun started to break through the clouds, so he let his faithful truck soak up the sun and by later that day the windshield wiper ice plug had melted and travelling victory was his! Although he still had many grand adventures visiting truck garages and other parts unknown, thankfully a snow and ice-splattered windshield was not part of those stories.
As the country has been blanketed with snow, sleet and ice these past few weeks of winter, I’m sure many of you fearless travelers have also encountered a few tall tale snow stories of your own. We’d love to swap stories, so please share yours with us all, it would make Mark feel better!


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