Green Building Materials

Green Building Materials courtesy of Accurate Perforating Company.
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6 Energy Supply Options to Purchase Energy More Effectively

By: Jeff Sapirman, AMERIgreen Energy

Energy costs for your building or office represent a significant portion of your business’s budget. When securing your annual supply of power and gas, there are ... read more


5 Benefits of Target Marketing

Marketing veterans know that a shotgun approach to advertising is inefficient and ineffective.  Building a targeted marketing strategy puts company on a better path and trajectory. Target marketing helps you ... read more

Photo Credits: ICM March/Apr '17

10 Questions With Dr. Tom Butcher, NORA

Photo Credits: ICM March/Apr ’17

In 2016, the National Oil Research Alliance (NORA), in collaboration with the New York Oil Heating Association (NYOHA) and Oil Heat Comfort Corp., opened a ... read more


What is the difference between renewable diesel, biodiesel, and clean diesel?

These fuels and technologies may sound very similar, but they are quite different in how they are created, produced, perform, and are used in application. Learn about the similarities and ... read more