How You Can Make Your Office More Eco-friendly

Going green in your office space is easy to do with a few conscientious efforts to reduce waste and recycle any materials you can.  Here are five ways you can ... read more

Solar Panels

Renewable Energy Series – Solar Power

The  last series for February is about solar energy and how it’s used as a renewable source.  This type of energy is completely sustainable and renewable since it’s comes from ... read more

Compressed Natural Gas

Renewable Energy Series – Compressed Natural Gas

The next alternative energy source in this series is all about compressed natural gas. CNG is a readily available alternative to gasoline and consists of mostly methane gas. It is ... read more

solar panels

How to Effectively Market & Sell Green Homes

By: Preston Guyton, REALTOR

As the development and use of green technology becomes more mainstream, increasing numbers of home buyers are interested in buying properties that already feature green building standards ... read more

close up of propane flame

Renewable Energy Series – Propane

When people think of propane, the first thing that comes to mind is not usually that it’s an alternative fuel. Because propane is derived from fossil fuels, it is not technically ... read more