Is New York City’s B5 Standard Becoming THE Standard?

June 7, 2017 Oil And Energy

By Samuel Diamond

A uniform biodiesel-blending standard could be coming to the New York Metro Area by July 2018. On March 27, 2017, New York State ... read more

NORA Biodiesel Blend Usage: More Dealers Report Improved System Performance or No Impact

NORA Releases Results of 2016 Survey on Biodiesel Blend Usage June 7, 2017 Oil And Energy More Dealers Report Improved System Performance or No Impact

“Most users of biodiesel blends for heating are not ... read more

6 Google Trends to Keep Your Site High Ranking in Searches

Online marketing continues to be one of the areas distributors are most interested in learning about and understanding how to take advantage of since it is so trackable and relatable, ... read more

3 Distributor Marketing Case Studies on Targeted Customer Campaigns

We have the honor assisting with the marketing programs of a variety of companies. We’ve highlighted a few distributor case studies specifically focused on targeted campaigns.

Woolley Home Solutions – Target ... read more

Key Points for Opposition of HB 107

Both the PA industry retail fuel Associations, Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA) and Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association (PAPGA), have supplied key points and an outreach strategy to express opposition to House Bill ... read more