Brunnerville Station up and running

Our newest AMERIgreen station is now fully reimaged and ready to serve you. The Brunnerville Garage and fuel station is in Lititz, PA.

The Brunnerville Garage and fuel station are pumping ... read more

Is ethanol a sound investment?

Many persons, groups and organizations have their doubts about ethanol. No doubt, biofuels have their issues of controversy and large misconceptions – fuel vs food, unsustainable farming practices, inefficiency, ... read more

BioDiesel Mandate – Words from our staff

Pennsylvania’s biodiesel mandate is in place. Every gallon of diesel fuel sold in the state now has at least 2% biodiesel in it. The mandate has significantly changed the biodiesel market. ... read more

EPA working to increase ethanol blend to 15% ethanol in gasoline

Push for ethanol Adding product to gasoline will increase income for farmers

Kokomo — Sometime later this month, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected ... read more

biodiesel truck at terminal

BioDiesel tax credit: Congress to recess for Memorial Day w/out a vote

In Washington, Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Blue Dog Coalition co-chairwoman, predicted that the vote on the restoration of the biodiesel tax credit, the loss of which has ground the US ... read more