Officially BQ-9000 Certified

We, at AMERIgreen have worked hard for months now to achieve a BQ-9000 Accreditation.

The BQ-9000 is a National BioDiesel Accreditation Program. It is a cooperative and voluntary program for the ... read more

News Release: FlexBurn – revolutionizing the heating industry



News Release July 7, 20010 For Comments and Questions Contact: Susan Yoder, 717.665.1402

First B100 Burner, FlexBurn Enters the Scene “This product could change the world.”

An efficient, durably constructed, ETL approved B100 ... read more

Photos from the AMERIgreen FreedomFest

If you missed us at the AMERIgreen FreedomFest this weekend, here is your chance to see some of the highlights – live music, camping out, signing up to win the ... read more

Brunnerville Station up and running

Our newest AMERIgreen station is now fully reimaged and ready to serve you. The Brunnerville Garage and fuel station is in Lititz, PA.

The Brunnerville Garage and fuel station are pumping ... read more

Is ethanol a sound investment?

Many persons, groups and organizations have their doubts about ethanol. No doubt, biofuels have their issues of controversy and large misconceptions – fuel vs food, unsustainable farming practices, inefficiency, ... read more