Congratulations to our WINNERS!

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners of the Green and Growing Sweepstakes. Our winners received a Nintendo Wii console & 100 Gallons of 100% American Fuel from AMERIgreen.

They successfully completed a 4 ... read more

Cellulosic ethanol – and why do I want to use that?

This video delves into “next generation” or cellulosic ethanols and its’ effects in regards to emissions and human health, legislation and policymakers, and the future for BioFuels.

BioFuel combustion chemistry the answer to next generation fuels?

Biofuel chemistry more complex than petroleum, say Sandia and Lawrence Livermore researchers

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Understanding the key elements of biofuel combustion is an important step toward insightful selection of next-generation ... read more

Win a Harley with AMERIgreen

Just as Amerigreen isn’t like other fuel companies, Harley Davidson isn’t like other motorcycles. So, naturally the two makea perfect fit. So to celebrate Our Soil, Our Oil Campaign this ... read more

Ethanol industry collapse nearing?

In Iowa, has published a review of the potential consequences should the EPA not extend the 10 percent ethanol blend limit to E15. “While the motoring public has not ... read more