Soy-Diesel versus Biodiesel

Some people use the two terms, “soy-diesel” and “bio-diesel,” interchangeably. In certain regions of the United States, soy-diesel refers to crude soybean oil that is filtered and maybe clarified. But in other regions, ... read more

BioDiesel Tax Credit receives retroactive extension

On December 31, 2009, the U.S. Excise Tax Credit for Biodiesel expired.  The Senate has approved a retroactive extension of the biodiesel tax incentive.  It is important to note that ... read more

Verizon announces efficient fuel plan

The race between some of America’s largest fleet operators to reduce their carbon emissions and fuel bills shifted up another gear this week when telecommunications giant Verizon unveiled wide-ranging new ... read more

It’s Food AND Fuel

Last week posted the story, “Bill To Extend Ethanol Tax Credit Reignites Fuel vs. Food Debate.”

They write,

A bill introduced in the US House last week would extend ethanol tax ... read more

Offshore Drilling Plan

Obama’s decision to open up the southern Atlantic coastline and some other areas to offshore drilling did not entirely appease all involved parties involved.

The president acknowledged such criticism in his ... read more