It’s Food AND Fuel

Last week posted the story, “Bill To Extend Ethanol Tax Credit Reignites Fuel vs. Food Debate.”

They write,

A bill introduced in the US House last week would extend ethanol tax ... read more

Offshore Drilling Plan

Obama’s decision to open up the southern Atlantic coastline and some other areas to offshore drilling did not entirely appease all involved parties involved.

The president acknowledged such criticism in his ... read more

AMERIgreen Biofuels in the News

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Despite the bad press some types of biofuels have attracted, it doesn’t mean all biofuels are not green, viable alternatives to fossil fuel in the quest to ... read more

AMERIgreen Launches Website Redesign

Welcome to the first blog on the newly rebuilt AMERIgreen website. We’ve been so anxious to launch, we barely let the paint dry before going live. I’d spend time spotlighting ... read more