How You Can Make Your Office More Eco-friendly

Going green in your office space is easy to do with a few conscientious efforts to reduce waste and recycle any materials you can.  Here are five ways you can start making your space in the office a little greener.

  1. Buy greenery: Purchase or grow plants for the office to offset CO2 emissions and other harmful toxins in the air. Just make sure you water them when needed to!
  2. Turn off everything: Make sure to turn off not only the lights before you leave but laptops, computer monitors, extension cords and other devices that don’t need to be powered during the night.
  3. Work from home: While this may not be feasible for everyone, if it is for your job, see if your supervisor would allow you to work from home one day a week in order to cut down on gas waste and carbon emissions.
  4. Recycle!: Don’t throw away empty ink and toner cartridges. Instead bring them to an office supply store to be recycled and you can even get coupons for doing it! Also make sure to reduce or eliminate paper usage by printing on both sides or using extra paper as a note pad so no paper goes unused.
  5. Use reusable items: Bringing your lunch to work in reusable containers, bringing a reusable water bottle and using silverware instead of plastic cutlery greatly reduces wasteful behavior. Also help out the environment by using a tote bag or lunch bag instead of a plastic bag to bring lunch or other office items to and from work.

These are just a few ways you can start lowering your carbon footprint in the workplace today. Just making one of these tips a habit will help in more ways than you think!

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