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National Biodiesel Board Creates New Video to Demonstrate Computerized Fuel Blending

The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has produced a video with the help of the Nebraska Soybean Promotional Council, Massachusetts Energy Marketers and Connecticut Energy Marketers Association to demonstrate the benefits ... read more,

Bioheat® Customer Testimonial Video

Learn directly from AMERIgreen Fuel Distributors why the industry needs to get eco-friendly and adopt Bioheat® into their businesses. They share the benefits of using Bioheat, because it’s the cleanest, ... read more,

State officials say Minnesota ready to move to B20 next year

By Ron Kotrba | August 01, 2017

Minnesota, the first U.S. state to mandate biodiesel use in 2005, is making history once again as state officials have determined that the increase from ... read more,

Is New York City’s B5 Standard Becoming THE Standard?

June 7, 2017 Oil And Energy

By Samuel Diamond

A uniform biodiesel-blending standard could be coming to the New York Metro Area by July 2018. On March 27, 2017, New York State ... read more,

NORA Biodiesel Blend Usage: More Dealers Report Improved System Performance or No Impact

NORA Releases Results of 2016 Survey on Biodiesel Blend Usage June 7, 2017 Oil And Energy More Dealers Report Improved System Performance or No Impact

“Most users of biodiesel blends for heating are not ... read more,

10 Questions With Dr. Tom Butcher, NORA

Photo Credits: ICM March/Apr ’17

In 2016, the National Oil Research Alliance (NORA), in collaboration with the New York Oil Heating Association (NYOHA) and Oil Heat Comfort Corp., opened a ... read more,

Sulfur & Bio Mandates Per State

Sulfur & Bioheat Requirements for the No. 2 Heating Oil in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic States

Published in Oil & Energy Magazine, July 2016.

This list is maintained and updated by New ... read more,

Bioheat® in The Age of Trump

By Michael Devine

I believe that it’s fair to speculate that most historians will remember the year 2016 as the year that the American people elected Donald J. Trump as the ... read more,

AMERIgreen Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016

NORA Consumer Education Outreach Performing Above Expectations

As featured on, Media Contact: Don Farrell

Alexandria, VA: An aggressive internet focused consumer outreach program extolling the virtues of heating with Bioheat® (heating oil blended with renewable biodiesel) has ... read more,