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Christmas presents under tree

5 Ways to Save Energy For The Holiday Season

The holiday festivities have most likely already started in your home. Twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, a decorated lawn and some homemade cookies are important each holiday. But what is ... read more,

LEED: The Way to a Green Future With Sustainable Building Design

Learn about the core elements of water efficiency, energy conservation, and sustainable building materials that are a solid foundation to LEED and sustainable building design.

LEED: The Way to a ... read more,

Connelly Electric Guide

Inefficient energy usage is costing American businesses about $40 billion every year. Savings could reach that enormous level if energy efficiency for commercial and industrial buildings improve by just 10%, ... read more,

Green Building Materials

Building Materials are considered “green” if they reduce harm to the environment or human health, such as by improving energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint, or minimizing waste.

Green Building ... read more,

LEED Green Associate – Michelle Mathason

AMERIgreen would like to congratulate Michelle Mathason on becoming certified as a LEED Green Associate! She has done this by demonstrating the knowledge and understanding of green building practices and ... read more,


Tiny House & Big Ideas

Story by: John Raisch, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for AMERIgreen Energy

In January, I started some new things to kick off the new year — a new job with AMERIgreen Energy, ... read more,

Are LED Light Bulbs Sustainable?

There many lighting options out there to consider – LED, CFL, traditional incandescents and more! This video provides some insight into utilizing the four pillars of sustainability – people, planet, ... read more,

Why I Chose Solar

Story by Jason Lawrence, AMERIgreen VP of Operations & Procurement


I decided that solar energy was the way to go for my family earlier this year.  After researching different organizations, I ... read more,

17 Ways to Stay Green After St. Patrick’s Day

Green shirts, green pants, green hats, green beer! St. Patrick’s Day is quite possibly the greenest day of the year. But we propose living green every day. Not with green ... read more,

5 Reasons Everyone Should Use Bioheat

AMERIgreen Energy deeply cares about protecting the environment for future generations. There are so many benefits to using eco-friendly Bioheat fuel.

5 Reasons everyone should use Bioheat: Burns cleaner – promoting better ... read more,