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AMERIgreen’s Parking Lot Has More Than Meets The Eye


At a glance, AMERIgreen’s parking lot appears to be pretty average. However, when you look a little closer you will notice a slight difference.  In between normal gasoline-powered ... read more,

What Year Your Car is May Depend on What Type of Gas You Buy

According to the recent issue of National Petroleum News, the EPA is allowing 15% renewable fuel to be added to gasoline.

This is no small change. For the past 30 years, ... read more,

Are You Driving A Flex Fuel Vehicle?

There are currently over 8.5 million flex fuel vehicle (FFVs) on the road in the United States.You may be driving one without realizing it.

Flex fuel vehicles are capable of running ... read more,

Ethanol protecting your piggybank?

In the recent Wall Street Journal Article, “Senators Seek to Repeal Tax Credit for Ethanol Use”, delves into the controversy surrounding the recent take credit given to companies blending ethanol ... read more,

Top 10 biofuel producing states and crops

Since 2005, the United States has maintained it’s status as the world’s largest producer of ethanol fuel. The U.S. produced 10.6 billion U.S. liquid gallons of ethanol fuel in 2009,[1] ... read more,

Expanded E15 approval for vehicles

EPA announced the approval of a 15% blend of ethanol in automobiles from model year 2001 or later. Although this expands upon EPA’s October approval of cars and light-duty trucks ... read more,

refined fuel truck terminal

The biofuels disconnect – short term, long term…our terms

“In 2004, the transportation sector produced 6.3 Gt (gigatonnes) of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, accounting for 23% of global CO2 emissions from energy. Of this, road transport contributed to 74%. ... read more,

What is Flex Fuel?

Flex Fuel is both a type of vehicle and is a range of bioblends you can put in your car and home heating system.

As oil prices increase and technology changes, ... read more,

How old is too old for a car to run on 15% ethanol?

Study Finds 15 Percent Ethanol Safe for Older Vehicles Posted by Cindy Zimmerman – September 15th, 2010 on Domestic

Landmark research by an internationally recognized engineering firm finds that E15 should ... read more,

Is ethanol a sound investment?

Many persons, groups and organizations have their doubts about ethanol. No doubt, biofuels have their issues of controversy and large misconceptions – fuel vs food, unsustainable farming practices, inefficiency, ... read more,