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National Biodiesel Board Creates New Video to Demonstrate Computerized Fuel Blending

The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has produced a video with the help of the Nebraska Soybean Promotional Council, Massachusetts Energy Marketers and Connecticut Energy Marketers Association to demonstrate the benefits ... read more,

Take Advantage of Basis Contracts to Manage Supply Risk Against Racks

Basis contracts offer distributors another great option for your company to diversify your petroleum purchases and pricing options. This article provides an explanation of what basis is, as well as ... read more,

Key Points for Opposition of HB 107

Both the PA industry retail fuel Associations, Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA) and Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association (PAPGA), have supplied key points and an outreach strategy to express opposition to House Bill ... read more,

Sulfur & Bio Mandates Per State

Sulfur & Bioheat Requirements for the No. 2 Heating Oil in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic States

Published in Oil & Energy Magazine, July 2016.

This list is maintained and updated by New ... read more,

AMERIgreen’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

We reviewed our top blog stories from this past year and wanted to share with you the top 10:

1.  What is the Difference Between Liquid Propane and Propane Gas – Video This ... read more,

Spread the Word About Premium Fuel

AS AN OILHEAT DEALER, IT’S HARDLY IN YOUR PURVIEW TO EDUCATE customers on the importance of home maintenance. And you certainly don’t need to tell them about the enormous amount ... read more,

AMERIgreen Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016