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Citi Field


Recap & Key Takeaways from
AMERIgreen Meetings at Citi Field
Spring Training for a solid customer-based business.

group photo at Citi Field in New York
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Key Takeaways
View Press Release – “Distributors Set To Take the Field after ‘AMERIgreen Meetings at Citi Field’ Event

Best Practices Sessions
Watch the video of highlights from the day.

Diversification, By Seth Obetz of Worley & Obetz
Highlighted the fear and excitement involved in diversifying for customers, country, staff and the environment – all for a sound decision.
View the full presentation.

Sales Strategy, By Michael Devine of AMERIgreen
Biofuel is a way to reshape your business and the industry. It’s time to play offense!.
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Preventative Maintenance (PM), By Jeri Donadee of HB McClure
Re-think PM as a relationship builder – “You’re missing the boat if you aren’t serious about PM”. Adopt a “we recommend; you decide” approach.
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Back Office Systems, By Gary Sippin of Destwin & Aaron Cargas of Cargas Energy Systems
Importance of ‘real-time” technology – customers expect timely service and responses, and means better technology and better relationships with your customers. Dialogue about cloud vs. in-house servers.
View the full presentations – Destwin & Cargas Systems.

State of the Industry Panel Discussion, By NYOHA, OHILI & NEFI
Speakers: John Maniscalco, Kevin Rooney & Michael Trunzo
They spoke candidly about the challenges and opportunities in each state for the government and industry to embrace bioheat and cleaner diesel.
Listen to the session.

Bioheat Research & NORA Reauthorization Session
Speakers: John Huber & Dr. Thomas Butcher
John spoke of the new opportunities for distributors and consumers through the NORA authorization with biofuels, fuel quality, low cost/high efficiency applicances, advanced burners, and research.
Dr. Butcher affirmed the benefits of biodiesel. There was evidence that higher blends of biofuel are not detrimental to heating oil equipment from Brookhaven’s in-depth research.
View the presentations – John Huber, NORA & Dr. Butcher, Brookhaven National Labs

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