About Us

amerigreen teamThe team at AMERIgreen works hard every day to help our customers grow their businesses.

What We Do

AMERIgreen is an energy wholesaler to retail distributors operating in the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets.

We provide biofuels, refined products, propane, electricity, natural gas, lubricants, and enhanced services to our growing network of committed AMERIgreen customers.

Comprehensive Services

Fuels. We supply biofuels and propane sourced in the United States.
Distribution. Partner with us to grow your retail operations in the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets.
Electricity & Natural Gas.  Energy supplier and efficiency consultant for homes and businesses in PA and NJ from our two regional offices.
Marketing Services. Our team can help you develop marketing strategies and provide you with tools to grow your business.

What We Stand For


Help our customers use American energy and achieve sustainability today and for future generations.


Highly respected national brand known for helping companies and consumers make the best sustainable American energy choices.

Corporate Values

  • Sustainable Growth: We look to the future without forgetting our history. We grow sensibly within our capacities.
  • Marketing and education is our core competency. We present a consistent, attractive, distinctive image and message with up-to-date information promoting the differentiating facts about domestic, clean, quality energy products.
  • Innovation: It is our responsibility to ourselves and our children to continue to find smart solutions for our nation’s energy needs.
  • Relationships: We value relationships deeply. We always treat people with respect and dignity, and we hold each other to that standard.
  • Reliability: We have long standing, trusted relationships with vendors and distributors. You can expect quality products and helpful service from us every time.
  • Resourcefulness: We’ve grown up on old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity. No matter the challenges we and our distributors face, we will overcome them with effective, simple strategies.
  • Execution: From product quality and delivery to enabling our distributors to become more effective marketers; we do what we say when we say we will do it. If we execute every time we will accomplish our goals.


Leadership Team

Our Founder’s Story

Co-owner of AMERIgreen, Seth Obetz, received a phone call that changed the trajectory of his future in business and life forever.

The caller told Obetz his childhood friend, had been shot while overseas on duty in Afghanistan. His friend encountered a firefight and went to pull a wounded soldier back to safety, but a sniper bullet pierced his skin and scrambled his insides. He was rescued and taken to an ICU where he emerged from a coma.

Obetz visited his childhood friend stateside in the hospital. As he passed by the Purple Heart on the door, he was struck with the image of seeing a tough guy, who once played college football and led men into battle lying injured on a hospital bed. Obetz told him, “I know a big part of the reason why we’re fighting over there is because we have to keep stability in the Middle East, because we rely on the oil for our economy. We’re doing our little part here not to rely on it as much. We’re using biofuels. But, I don’t think it’s going to be enough.” Continue reading »

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