Sustainability-Clean-up-Day-2012AMERIgreen strives for the sustainability philosophy of People, Planet, Profit (3P’s) as a guiding framework. Our Culture & Sustainability Committee meets regularly to ensure AMERIgreen is engaged in initiatives and outreach efforts which reflect our mission to work every day to improve energy freedom and sustainability for today and future generations following the 3P’s framework.

We start by focusing on sustainable relationships with our customers and community, and being stable financially with a sustainable business plan to be able to further engage with our customers and community around planet issues.

We encourage our distributor partners and consumers to join us in making smarter energy choices and building sustainable plans for their companies and communities. If we all keep future generations in mind and begin by taking small steps to reduce our energy consumption, the cumulative impact can have great results. We offer energy saving tips, apps to track energy usage, and suggestions about equipment or practices that not only help consumers save money but reduce energy consumption as well.

AMERIgreen’s initiatives in and out of the office have included:

  • Paper Usage – Tracking paper usage so we can work to decrease printing
  • Recycling
    • Tracking paper recycling through Shred-It – we saved 10 trees in 2 years
    • Providing receptacles for recycling batteries and light bulbs, in addition to cardboard, glass, plastic and metal
  • Collecting compost – we collected 30 lbs in 1 year
  • Providing all staff with a coffee mug and reusable water bottle as an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups and mugs
  • Filtered Water and reusable Keurig filters so there is less waste
  • Reducing Vehicle & Home Emissions – Using renewable, alternative energy when able in our vehicles and homes – we’ve reduced CO2 emissions by 259 million lbs or 46%, Particulate Matter by  69,685 lbs or 47%, and Hydro Carbons by 77,913 lbs or 67% – since June 2014 through our networks’ use of biodiesel
  • Earth Day Activities
    • Reusable bag design contest
    • Trash Clean-up
    • 5K Run for Clean Air
    • Pick one area to improve for the year, such as always use a reusable bag or bike 1x per week to work
    • Distributor Challenges entered to win free lunch for their company if they did an Earth Day activity. One distributor offered free biodiesel to anyone who came to fill up during certain hours.
  • Proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Proud member of the Green Business Bureau (GBB)

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