100% American Fuel FAQs

100%AmericanFuelQ: What is AMERIgreen’s commitment to 100% American Fuels?
A: Prompted by the confluence of our current energy crisis and the call for energy independence, AMERIgreen is committed to our transition to 100% American Fuels refined from North American crude oil. Our customers can be assured that their dollars are not going to support unfriendly foreign nations. We are proud to have distributors across the Mid-Atlantic region selling the product, and we hope many more will join the cause!

Q: How do you track the fuel to ensure it is 100% American Fuel?
100 AmFuel Audit ProcessA: The petroleum supply chain is fungible (meaning the characteristics of each grade of fuel must conform to an identical specification). Nearly all products are co-mingled on common pipelines and stored in common tanks. To manage the purchase of petroleum products refined from North American crude oil we employ a quarterly verification and audit process. This affirms that the consumer’s payment at the pump, or those enrolled in the program for their home or business use, ultimately accrues to a pipeline or marketer providing petroleum refined from North American crude oil, and/or a company refining North American Crude oil. These pipeline and/or refinery volumes of North American petroleum must meet or exceed AMERIgreen’s contracted volumes to qualify. In the event that an audit process fails AMERIgreen will notify distributor customers of any shortage and when it is resolved.

Q: What are the benefits of buying 100% American Fuel?
A: Supporting the American economy, creating American jobs, and increasing American energy security. You have the choice to choose where your fuel comes from – Learn more.

energy patriot logo-2Q: How can I be involved?
A: There a number of great ways you can be involved:

  • Start buying fuel from a distributor or station near you that sells 100% American Fuel – Locate one near you.
  • Spread the word to your friends and family via social media, word of mouth and email
  • Become an Energy Patriot – Learn more.

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