Natural Gas FAQs

What exactly am I shopping for?
You are shopping for the company that supplies your Natural Gas. There are three parts to natural Gas service: gathering, transportation and distribution. Gathering is the collection of natural gas. Transportation is the shipping of natural gas through pipelines to a local utility. Distribution is the delivery of purchased natural gas by your local utility through their distribution pipes to you.

What is a natural gas supplier?
Your natural gas supplier is the organization that gathers the natural gas that you use.  They deliver the natural gas to your local utility that distributes it to your home.

How do I know that a different supplier will provide reliable service?
If you choose a new supplier, the quality and reliability of your service will not change. Your current utility will continue to provide the same distribution service. All suppliers must be licensed by the State you live in to do business.

Will my level of service change with my Utility if I choose a new supplier?
No! By law, the utility is not allowed to provide different levels of service to customers that have chosen an alternate supplier. You can rest assured that you will continue to receive the same level of natural gas delivery, emergency response and meter reading from your current utility.

Where can I find information on supplier prices?
Each supplier’s price can be different. You can get pricing information by contacting the suppliers serving your area or from pricing information resources online such as your state’s Public Utility Commission.

How long will it take to switch to a new supplier?
The effective date depends on your next meter read date and usually takes one to two billing cycles.

What is slamming and how can I prevent being slammed?
Slamming is the unauthorized transfer of utility services without the customer’s permission. To prevent slamming, your chosen supplier must send you the agreement in writing in an email, U.S. mail or in-person hand-delivery. In addition, when your Utility Company receives notification of a supplier change, it will send you a confirmation letter. If any information in the confirmation letter is incorrect, contact your utility immediately.

What is the “price to compare”?
The price to compare (PTC) is the price your utility company will charge to sell you natural gas. As you shop, ask your local utility to provide you with a PTC so that you can make an apples-to-apples comparison on price for the natural gas portion of your bill.

Are there any costs to enroll with a new supplier?
It varies from supplier to supplier. AMERIgreen Energy does not charge any enrollment fees.

Will I receive two bills if I choose a new supplier?
No! You will receive the same bill that you always have every month from your local utility.

Are there any penalties for switching suppliers?
This depends on the agreement you have with your current supplier. Review your agreement with your current supplier to see if there are any penalties for cancellation. If you are not sure, call your current supplier. AMERIgreen does not charge cancellation or switching fees for residential customers.

Who should I call if my natural gas goes out?
You will still call your local utility about outages, repairs, or emergencies. If you smell gas call your utility company immediately!

Who do I contact if I have billing questions?
If you have a question about the natural gas charges, contact your supplier. Otherwise, you should continue to contact your local utility.


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