Fees to Consider When Choosing an Electricity Supplier

AMERIgreen’s Energy Shop takes the frustration out of understanding the fine print in electricity supplier contracts. The Fine Print explanation provided by AMERIgreen outlines useful information for consumers in choosing the right deal for them.

When you have entered in your zip code, and the Energy Shop provides a list of deals, scroll down to the one you have an interest in. To get to the Fine Print, click View Details. That is how you find more information about the deals.
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The Fine Print
We will look at two items contained in the Fine Print – Early Cancellation Fees and Monthly Administrative Fees.
the fine print

Early Cancellation Fees
If you lock into a contract but cancel before the term ends, some of the electricity suppliers in the AMERIgreen Energy Shop will charge an Early Cancellation Fee. The Fine Print indicates the amount of the Cancellation Fee.

In some instances, the longer you remain in the contract, the lower the cancellation fee will be if you terminate the contract.

For more information about the Early Cancellation Fee, there is a link at the bottom that allows you to read the contract in full and learn about specifics.

Administrative Fees
Some of the deals in the AMERIgreen Energy Shop charge a Monthly Administrative Fee. This is something you will want to look for, especially since there are deals that do not charge an Administrative Fee.

Contact AMERIgreen with Questions
If you have questions about the AMERIgreen Energy Shop deals, fees, or anything else, please contact us today, 1-888-559-4567!