Home Energy Saving Habits – The Garage

waterloo-structures-keystone-garage-907131_1920There are ways to save energy in every room in your house. It can be anything from weather-proofing doors, updating appliances, or unplugging electronics when not in use. This new blog series will walk you through room by room pointing out the best ways to save energy and save money!

The Garage
Some households use the garage as a place to park a vehicle, while others use the garage as a storage facility. Here are som e energy-saving habits to practice in your garage:

  1. Back-up Refrigerators in the Garage Savings Opportunities
    300px-GEPFH28PSHSSSome families upgrade their kitchen’s refrigerator and rather than getting rid of the old one, they will move it into the garage and use it as a backup space for beverages and spillover from the kitchen refrigerator. The issue with this can be that older refrigerator models are less energy efficient than newer, Energy Star-rated ones – in some cases using almost twice as much energy. Garages are also spaces with uncontrolled temperatures; they are hot in summer and cold in winter. This lack of a temperature-controlled space can put a strain on the garage fridge leading to difficulty in maintaining proper food storage temperatures.The solution is to determine if you really do need the backup fridge. In most cases, one fridge is plenty for a family.If you do need the extra space, and upgrading your garage fridge is not an option, then ensure your fridge is properly stocked. An empty fridge can use more energy than a full one. Ensure that the seal around the door is allowing the fridge to close properly. Plan trips to the garage fridge so that you are opening the fridge as little as possible
  2. Garage Door Efficiency Ideasdouble-car-garage-475876_1920
    The other place in your garage where you can save energy is the actual garage door! Make sure you have proper weather stripping around the garage door. This will help prevent outside air from entering and household air from escaping.Additionally, keep the door closed as much as possible.Any walls shared with the garage should be well-insulated, especially if there is a room above the garage. If not properly sealed, the room above will become hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

These quick tips will help you save energy in your garage year round!