How Can the Price to Compare Help Me Choose an Electricity Supplier?

Your electricity utility makes it very simple to compare their price to the prices offered by other electricity suppliers. This useful tool, known as Price to Compare or PTC, is prominently displayed on your bill.

What is the “Price to Compare”?
The Price to Compare is the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) your utility will charge and includes: charges for generation and transmission; the state’s gross receipts tax; and the utility’s charges for implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS).

Under the law, a utility’s Price to Compare may be adjusted quarterly, but it is not on a seasonal calendar. The utility develops its Price to Compare based on what the company pays for electricity during auctions held over a two-year period on the wholesale energy market.

As you shop for electricity on the AMERIgreen Energy Shop, you will see each supplier’s current price per kWh and the utility’s Price to Compare so that you can make an apples-to-apples comparison on price for the generation portion of your bill.
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To view a sample PPL bill.

To view a sample PECO bill.