Tips to Keep Your Family Safe During a Power Outage

lightning-bolt-768801_1920April Showers not only bring May Flowers, but they can bring heavy rains and lightning that can knock out power to your home.

Follow these tips to keep your family safe when you experience a power outage:

  1. To determine if this is a widespread outage, check if your neighbors have also lost power. If you see lights on throughout your neighborhood, the outage may be isolated to your house. Check your breakers and fuses.
  2. If the entire neighborhood seems to have lost power, report the outage to your utility by calling their emergency hotline. This should be a phone number you have programmed into your cell phone for situations like this. Here are the numbers to various utilities:
      • PPL: 1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775)
      • PECO: 1-800-840-4141
      • Met Ed: 1-888-LIGHT S S (1-888-544-4877)
      • Most utilities also have an online reporting system that you can check to determine if there is an outage in your area. Check your utility’s website for the outage page, or even check their social media pages for updates.

Staying safe

    1. flashlight-629668_1920If you have a generator, stay safe and do not run it inside your home or basement, especially in spaces where exhaust fumes could gather.
    2. Avoid going outdoors and stay away from downed power lines.
    3. Be cautious of electrical equipment near standing water, like in a flooded basement.
    4. If you need to heat your home, do not use a gas oven or range.
    5. Turn off any major appliances or electronic devices that may kick back on when the power is restored.
    6. Use a flashlight to light your home, instead of candles. Candles can tip over easily causing a fire.

In the event you lose power in your home, following these steps will ensure you stay safe until the power is restored!