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Immediately Better with Bio – Watch Biofuel Customer Case Studies.

It Starts with Quality Product – We Provide Stringent Quality Control and RINs Management

  • BQ-9000-MarketerAs a BQ-9000 marketer, we meet and exceed nationally recognized quality standards for biodiesel
  • We have developed our own proprietary process that has proven invaluable in proactively detecting quality issues
  • We catalog and retain samples of every shipment for a minimum of 2 years with our Director of Quality

Put Our Expertise to Work for You – Early Champions, Quality, Competitive Supply & Price Flexibility 

  • AMERIgreen efficiently integrates biofuels into the petroleum distribution system, while ensuring unsurpassed quality
  • Our experience with renewables and relationships with producers and retail fuel distributors positions us well to avoid pitfalls moving quality product through the distribution channels
  • By sourcing fuel from numerous supply partners we are able to offer our distributor customers competitive prices, flexible pricing options, and multiple options for transportation


Improve Performance

Increased lubricity and fuel efficiency drive down cost per mile compared to conventional diesel fuel.

Reduce Maintenance
Engines run more efficiently and require less maintenance at longer intervals. Less maintenance means more operational savings.

Major engine manufacturers approved to B20 (only a few of many more!):

Peterbilt-logo  ford-logoFreightliner-logogmc-logo
Jeep-logo  Volvo-logo  Kenworth-logo  Mack-logo  Caterpillar-logo

Reduce Emissions
Biodiesel reduces CO2 emissions by 78% compared to petroleum diesel. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to meet emissions requirements.

No Modifications Necessary
Use biodiesel today in your existing equipment – no changes are required to start using it immediately!

Benefits the U.S.
American made biodiesel means more American jobs and fewer petroleum imports. The money you spend on fuel stays in and strengthens the U.S. economy.


Serving the downstream market in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.


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