Secure Your Cap Program With People You Can Trust


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Secure Your Cap Program With People You Trust.

Hedge-price-tracking-chart-2AMERIgreen Energy offers a turn-key solution that reduces your in-house administration and hedging uncertainty, allowing you to seamlessly build your cap  program.

This Program allows you to buy your fuel on a Cap Program with AMERIgreen, eliminating your need to buy options. AMERIgreen will take the risk to protect and secure your fuel, all you do is lock-in the gallons. You pay an up-front service fee to buy your product on a market differential with a maximum limit. This turn-key option leaves the hedging uncertainty and administrative work to us!

How Does the Wholesale Cap Program Function?

Similar to how you roll out a Cap Program with your retail consumers:

  • You lock-in your gallons and pay an up-front service fee
  • Your price is locked in to a differential over the settle for each day you pull your fuel, with a maximum limit or “cap price”
  • Young business people making a business deal.Turn-key solution that reduces your administrative work in-house and allows you to seamlessly roll out a Cap Program to your customers

AMERIgreen’s Fuel Procurement and Hedging Divisions bring you:

  • Fuel sourcing and contract options
  • Price Program tools to build customer loyalty
  • Managed risk against rising fuel prices
  • Reports, news and commentary from our risk management experts


Purchase, protect and market your fuel all in one call!
Hedging, Wholesale Fuel Procurement & Marketing Services

AMERIgreen Hedging Programs offers turn-key solution that reduces your in-house administration and hedging uncertainty, while securing your fuel in one call. In addition, educational marketing promotions grow your price program enrollments and customer’s awareness. Hedging can play a vital role in maintaining profitability in volatile commodity markets. For programs or general fuel hedging needs, let our team help you build a strategy to protect and maintain your margins.


Hedging protects you and your customers, like an insurance plan against market volatility and price uncertainty.

AMERIgreen’s combination of risk management, marketing, and procurement options brings together Programs that will inform, educate and offer customers peace of mind and control over their energy budgets in an unpredictable market environment. Concisely explaining your Programs increases enrollments and builds long term value into your relationship. Learn more Hedging Terms with our Glossary.

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