Benefits of Buying American Fuel


Why would a heating oil company want you to use LESS oil?

Because they want consumers to take steps for energy freedom and sustainability for today and future generations. Those steps include buying 100% American Fuel, using renewable energy, or conserving energy. These steps help to reduce foreign oil imports and use, to reduce your energy consumption, and to save money. We especially want you to use less foreign oil, and now you have that choice – Find a dealer or station near you to purchase domestic, renewable fuels for your home or vehicle that support the American economy and communities.


Student Videos Provide Energy Solutions for the Next Generation

AMERIgreen and our 100% American Fuel dealers hosted a Spring Video Essay Contest as a way for students to express their thoughts on energy solutions for the future and be entered to win prizes. We encourage you to watch some of the top place videos below to learn how we can use less oil and be more sustainable for today and future generations. See the press release.


Energy Savings Activity Book

Now your students and the entire family can join in the Energy Patriot movement toward American energy freedom – and have fun doing it!

This Activity Book is a great activity for summer family vacations.

Download the coloring book today!

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