AMERIgreen’s Vice President of Operations, Jason Lawrence moderates NBB panel at national convention

AMERIgreen’s vice president of operations and procurement, Jason Lawrence was invited by the NBB panel introduce National Biodiesel Board to moderate a panel on Discovery Channel’s documentary, “Hot Grease,” which dives into the intricacies of biodiesel from how it’s created to how beneficial it is as an energy source. Lawrence is also the marketing chair of the National Biodiesel Board and in the video below, he introduces the creators of the documentary, “Hot Grease” and leads an informative discussion about how biodiesel can help guarantee a cleaner energy for the future.

The Hot Grease documentary detailed how the world is set up in a way for oil and gas companies to best benefit while renewable energy finds itself lacking proper funding. Lawrence speaks to the creators of this documentary about the issues surrounding the energy industry and how to get the public to care more about the waste we accumulate.

The biodiesel industry is already the second largest renewable fuel by volume in the United States. It also offers many benefits to the environment and population with 78.5% fewer carbon dioxide emissions, safer practices of obtaining biodiesel instead of the risk associated with an oil well bursting and of course, its sustainability factor.  So what are the factors that hold the United States back from making a massive switch to biodiesel?

Watch the discussion to learn more about the U.S. stronghold in oil markets, why biodiesel is a fast growing and formidable competitor in the energy industry, and how people can work together to bring more awareness to the benefits and sustainable future goals that biodiesel creates. Take a look at our Facebook page for more photos of Jason and the NBB conference!

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