Biodiesel FAQs

Know Fuel

Product you can rely on. People you can trust.
Wholesale supply and retail strategies to help you protect and grow your business with biodiesel and refined fuels.

First Hand, Lessons-Learned Experience and Knowledge

  • As a BQ-9000 marketer, we meet and exceed nationally recognized quality standards for biodiesel
  • Born out of the retail fuel business, we have learned the best way to integrate biodiesel and have helped dealers across the Mid-Atlantic and New England. We can help you avoid pitfalls when introducing this exceptional fuel into your company.
  • Our experience with renewables and relationships with retail fuel distributors, producers, and major suppliers positions us well to move quality product through the distribution channels

Futures Contracts

  • Combine your forward sales purchase with a hedging option to lock-in guaranteed profit
  • By sourcing fuel from numerous supply partners we are able to offer our distributor customers competitive prices, flexible pricing options, and multiple options for transportation

Purchasing and Strategy Consultation

  • We maintain supply agreements with qualified biodiesel producers as well as a network of storage tanks in the areas we serve
  • Flexibility in supply – not locked in to a single producer economics
  • Supply options with and without RINs
  • We develop strategies to educate your customers, and then make them advocates to help grow your business

Biodiesel Pioneers and Distribution Leaders

  • Since 2001, our team has been leaders in purchasing and marketing biodiesel
  • In 2005, we developed the 2nd biodiesel injection blending system in the U.S., and most sophisticated

Delivering quality biodiesel and refined fuels with expert logistics
from production, to storage, to blending, to customer

Serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets.


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