Met-Ed Customers: Break Free From the Enormous Electricity Bills with AMERIgreen

As the summer begins to heat up, the air conditioners get cranked up. This usually means that your electricity bill goes up too!

If you are a resident of the Met-Ed electricity region, you have probably felt the impact of this already. However, there is good news! Your region’s residential electricity market is extremely competitive with the “price to compare” right now, and AMERIgreen wants to make a positive impact on the market in your area.


Are Met-Ed’s surprise spikes hurting your wallet? If so, make the switch to AMERIgreen today! AMERIgreen is an energy supplier that seeks to give the best price on electricity. The AMERIgreen Energy Shop lists competitive, locked-in rates based on geographic area and current electricity providers. This means that our customers have price predictability so they can budget for other important monthly payments. Switching to AMERIgreen also means that there are no cancellation fees or penalties.
In addition to traditional electricity, AMERIgreen also offers renewable, green energy sources including wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower. Our customers can choose a renewable energy source, and feel good about their minimal impact on the environment.
AMERIgreen recognizes that these days many customers are treated like a number with their energy providers. We want to change that! Our knowledgeable staff wants to answer questions and provide great customer service.  Don’t let one company control your electricity options, visit the AMERIgreen Energy Shop today!
(AMERIgreen offers residential electricity in Pennsylvania to PPL, PECO, and Met-Ed customers.)
 *PTC (Price to Compare) and prices are subject to change quarterly

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