Propane FAQs

Propane Supply

AMERIgreen is a regional supplier of wholesale propane to retail dealers and commercial entities operating in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our network of supply partners utilize pipeline, rail, truck, refinery and refrigerated sources to provide reliable deliveries of propane. AMERIgreen will customize a supply plan for each user based upon a complete evaluation of each customer’s requirements. Our success is dependent upon the success of our distributor customers.

Note: As a wholesaler we only deliver volume increments of  contracts and truck loads or more, for smaller increments find an AMERIgreen distributor near you.

Partnering Advantages

  • Staff with over 50 years combined experience in propane
  • Understanding of all segments of the propane industry and complex environment of supply
  • Highest priority is accountability to the customer’s needs
  • Modern technology allows us to monitor storage tank levels and dispatch loads as demand dictates

coinCompetitive Pricing & Smart Purchasing Solutions

Competitive pricing is a constant goal in the daily volatile spot market. AMERIgreen has a fixed and indexed pricing program. We use hedging tools to assist with cost management for physical and financial margin discipline.


Protect Your Fuel

  • Call For Physical and Paper Trades
  • Caps and Collars
  • Downside Protection
  • Secure supply competitively and mitigate risk exposure
  • Marketing strategies to roll out price protection programs for retail customers

Total Energy Supplier

  • AMERIgreen partners with your company to help you with supply logistics
  • Assist with management of storage tanks and associated equipment
  • Plant inspections and maintenance plans can be developed for specific needs
  • Site development, plan approvals and equipment sourcing for delivery infrastructure consulting services are also available
  • Marketing and communication services are available to complement or build your marketing strategy
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