Refined Fuels

AMERIgreen is a wholesale supplier of heating oil, diesel fuel and gasoline to retail dealers operating in the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets. Our success is dependent upon the success of our distributor customers. Everything we do is aimed at helping them succeed.

Note: As a wholesaler we only deliver volume increments of  contracts and truck loads or more, for smaller increments find an AMERIgreen distributor near you.

Pricing & Procurement

  • Firm Fixed
  • Spot Contracts
  • Index Pricing
  • Delivered Pricing

Protect Your Fuel

  • Call For Physical Trades
  • Caps and Collars
  • Downside Protection
  • Secure supply competitively and mitigate risk exposure
  • Marketing strategies to roll out price protection programs for retail customers
  • Learn more about our Hedging & Risk Management Services to protect your fuel prices

Unique “Pre-Protected” Fuel Programs

  • The Wholesale Cap Program is similar to how you roll out a Cap Program with your retail customers
  • Buy your fuel on a Cap Program from AMERIgreen, and we will take the risk to protect and secure your fuel
  • Lock-in your gallons and pay an up-front service fee
  • Your price is locked in to a differential over the settle for each day you pull the fuel, with a maximum limit or “cap price”
  • Turn-key solution that reduces administrative work in-house and allows you to seamlessly roll out a Cap Program to your customers

AMERIgreen Advantage

  • A team of industry energy experts working for you
  • Born out of the retail fuel industry
  • Personal smart purchasing consultation
  • Futures contracts
  • Hedging, Procurement, and Marketing – all in one call and comprehensive plan
  • Partners for growth in the changing energy landscape

Everything we do is aimed at helping you succeed.

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