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Snippet from Presentation “How to Attract Millennials as Customers”, 2017


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Providing relevant content through blogs, videos, and more into micro moments are one of the most value ways to market to millennials and build your websites’ search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Millennials are focused on solving real world problems through online research – both in search and social media. Brands that can bring relevant, simple solutions to real world problems are the ones that are going to win attention from this generation.

This includes: recommendations from friends and family through social shares and email referrals, reviews, and gathering information from social media. A Pew Research Center study found that 81% of Millennials are on Facebook, although many of them are less engaged with Facebook than say Instagram or Snapchat compared even to Generation Xers (the generation older than them spend more time here). 63% of millennials would be more likely to “check-in” to a business on social channels if it meant they’d receive a coupon or discount, and 20% is enough to prompt 50% of respondents to visit a location.


Apgar Oil

  • You can see Apgar Oil’s great reviews from customers on YP, Google, and more
  • Reviews are important for millennials to build trust in your company while they are doing research – Amazon led the way with this years ago, and it’s quickly followed suit
  • There are programs available that can help you aggregate reviews and drive your customers to give more reviews – ReviewBuzz, GetFiveStars, and many others

Self HC content – Blog and social media

  • You can see on the right, relevant content on Self HC’s unique blog content and website news feed about “Why Getting a Heater Tune-up Is Important”
  • This unique content and link was shared through social media platforms – Facebook
  • They also could Boost the post on Facebook to get even more engagement, or create a campaign to target customers to take advantage of a special offer they may have about scheduling a tune-up – right now AC tune-up would be a seasonally appropriate campaign to run or types of posts to boost

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