Remarkable Gratitude

By: Melissa Otto, AMERIgreen Relationship Sales Executive 


Gratitude is essential to living well. The dilemma is that in order for the power of this universal law to have any effect on us it requires that we make gratitude an act. An act requires interrupting the pace of your work in order do something that is a reflection of your gratitude.

It can be as easy as saying, “Thank you.”

We are all talking about uncommon acts or achievements. It is the common things that bore us, making our small successes appear unremarkable.  So, we don’t make any remarks about them. What would happen if we began talking more about the common things that are so easily taken for granted?


I had the opportunity to speak in front of a room full of seasoned business owners and “C”-level leaders with the High Business Group in Elizabethtown. It was an honor.  To think that what I had to share would be helpful to them was a bit overwhelming to me.

Remarkable? Yes, it is worth remarking on. It is a milestone worth celebrating. I am so very grateful for Kae Wagner of North Star Marketing for making it possible.

My husband, Jay Otto of Ross Technology, blocked out the time to be at this presentation. A good friend, Josh Stoudt of Stoudt Advisors did the same thing.

Worth remarking about? Absolutely! I am so grateful for their participation, support and friendship.

Later in the day I went to a “Derby” party hosted by Paul Davis and benefiting the National Cancer Society. MANY fantastic people were at this event: Mike Oster of Paul Davis, Ted Gallagher of EHC, Ty Espenshade of MVE, Shane & Kaitlin Behmer of Coleson Fine Clothier . . . many more.

It was a day worth remarking about. I am grateful for our business community that is always looking for ways to give back and I got lucky on one horse race, won $50. 😊


One of the things I love most about AMERIgreen is their commitment to giving back. One example is the WV 6KforWATER hosted by Kreider Farms. My involvement in this effort has brought a new perspective on something as simple as clean water.

Every day millions of women and children walk an average of 6K to a source of water that is unclean and life threatening? Every day 1,000 children die from water born illness.

With the access to clean water women gain the time to engage in gainful employment or entrepreneurial endeavors by-which also gaining the respect of their husbands, building their own self-esteem, and empowering their children to attend school.


Is it remarkable that you have unlimited access to clean water and you will never fear for your life (or your children) due to the water you drink?

My day of gratitude was made possible because of my new-found awareness about the global water crisis. When I said yes to be part of the 6K planning team I set myself up for a whole lot of extra work and a remarkable amount of gratitude for the privilege to do this work.  Instead of spending hours each day walking to a water source and carrying back heavy containers full of contaminated water, I have the pleasure of doing the respectable work of a professional.

When the reality of your remarkable life turns into action, you have truly tapped into the power of gratitude.

Grateful for You,


P.S. To date the efforts for this 6K event have raised funding to bring clean water to almost 3,000 people. Also making this possible are the good people from Power Train Fitness, LCBC Church, Wenger Feed Mills, Scenic Construction, The Witmer Group, Cassel Signs, 100s of individuals and other businesses.  CLICK HERE for details.


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