Renewable Energy Series – Propane

When people think of propane, the first thing that comes to mind is not usually that it’s an alternative fuel. Because propane is derived from fossil fuels, it is not technically a renewable fuel, but is a very important alternative energy. Propane is a clean-burning fossil fuel and produces significantly lower amounts of harmful greenhouse gases. Propane or the long form of its name, liquefied petroleum gas, is usually cheaper than gasoline and 90% of propane comes from domestic sources. Although there are not many cars that run on propane, you can buy kits to convert your gasoline engine to propane in order to decrease dangerous gases, diversify U.S. transportation fuels and increase the nation’s energy security.  propane tanks

A question that many people have is why we aren’t using propane for our cars or making the switch to just all LPG powered cars. While vehicles that run on propane is a great aid to offset the emissions created from gasoline powered cars, there still is a huge market for oil which is why many investors are hesitant to put money in the large switch to natural gas or propane. There are great options for propane to be used in our homes, commercial residences and in cars and is shaping up to be a leading prospect for the future of alternative fuels.

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