Renewable Energy Series – Solar Power

The  last series for February is about solar energy and how it’s used as a renewable source.  This type of energy is completely sustainable and renewable since it’s comes from the sun.  So because the sun will never run out, solar energy will be a constant source of sustainability for providing electricity and heat.  This heat and light we can harness through three ways; solar cells, solar water heating and solar sunsetfurnaces.  Solar cells convert light to electricity and are used in large solar panels to small solar cells in calculators.  Solar heating uses glass panels on a roof to heat water which conserves gas and electricity to heat water in a home. Water is then pumped through black pipes to maximize the heat transfer and cuts the cost of energy bills.  Solar furnaces use a wide range of mirrors to concentrate the suns energy into a small space to produce high temperatures.

The great advantage of using solar energy is that it generates heat and electricity with no pollution or waste.  While solar energy has a higher start up cost, the return on investment is great since operating costs are low compared to existing power technologies. This is another good solution to consider when switching to alternative energy and one that provides complete sustainability.

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